LOWER BODY BURN: 5 HIIT Moves for Lean Legs & a Lifted Booty

LOWER BODY BURN: 5 HIIT Moves for Lean Legs & a Lifted Booty

Whether is bikini season, or legging season, I think we can all agree every season is booty season. So lets HIIT it! See what I did there? :)

For starters, lets talk about HIIT training- high intensity interval training. AKA: The most efficient way to get lean. Im sure you’ve heard this word thrown around, and you probably have some inclination that its effective. But for anyone who doesn’t know why, let me BREAK. IT. DOWN. 

HIIT is any type of workout that alternated between short bursts of intense activity, or maximum effort, and periods of less intense activity, or resting state. For example, an all out 30 second sprint, followed by a 60 second jog or walk. 

This type of training revs your heart rate and metabolism, burns fat in less time, and creates a longer after burn post workout. Resulting in you burning more fat throughout your day, while your sitting in you car, or at your desk, or even while your sleeping, for up to 48 yours. It is extremely convenient, as no equipment is needed and it can be done anywhere. Still not convinced? Let me get to the best part, its quick! Just 15-20 min of HIIT is more effective at burning fat than 60 minutes of steady state cardio. 15 min > 60 min? Where do I sign up?


Im going to share with you 5 of my favorite lower body HIIT exercise for lean legs, and a sculpted back side. Perform each Exercise for 45 seconds, followed by 15 sec of rest. Repeat this 3-5 times, for a lower body HIIT workout that will leave you feeling strong and sexy. Enjoy the burn ladies! 

xx Lindsey

Lunge Kick

  1. Begin in a lunge position, right foot forward, right knee stacked directly over your right heel. Press off your right heel with power to stand, simultaneously lifting your left foot off the ground behind you, kicking your left leg straight back behind you. Squeeze both glutes at the top for a beat, then release and land light on your left toes. Immediately repeat. 

  2. Repeat on opposite leg. 



TIP: Drive off the front heel with power, land light on the back toes. 

Plank Donkey Kick

  1. Begin in a plank position. Shoulder stacked directly over your wrists, flat back, belly button pulled up toward your spine, and hips tucked, to protect your low back. Bring right heel towards glute, keeping both of your legs in line. Flex your foot, and kick straight up to the sky. Lower foot bringing your legs back in line. Continue to Kick your foot to the sky without bringing your foot down to the floor until you rest. 

  2. Repeat on opposite leg. 


Sumo Squat Pulse Jump

  1. Begin with a wide stance, heels in, toes turned out, in a sumo squat. Stay low, drop straight down and pulse the squat 3 times. After the 3rd pulse, drive through your heels to jump up, criss cross your feet, and land back in a sumo squat. Be sure to alternate which foot crosses in front each time. 

TIP: Stay low in the squat the entire time, and land light on the feet. Be sure to keep your hips tucked under the entire time, and actively press your knees back, directly over the toes. 


Calf Raise Squat

  1. Begin in a basic squat position, feet hip distance apart, chest wide, shoulders pulled back, hips low. Stay low, and lift your heels to come up to releve. Hold for a beat, and then lower heels back down to the ground. Do not come up out of the squat the entire time. 


Crab Walk

Begin in a basic squat position, feet hip distance apart, chest wide, shoulders pulled back, hips low. While staying low, take a large step to the side, then bring feet to touch. Repeat this 3 times. After taking 3 large steps in one direction, repeat going in the opposite direction. Stay low the entire time. 

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