5 HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES TO COFFEE - that’ll help you ditch your caffeine fix

If you’re anything like me, you are a girl on the go who needs a solid amount of energy to stay focused and motivated throughout your day. Thats why for so many years I started off the majority of my days with a large cup of coffee. Unfortunately though, after years of drinking it, I began to notice some serious side affects of my used-to-be favorite caffeine fix. Because coffee is a super acidic drink, it was causing me to have really bad heartburn and acid reflux that totally ruined my day. And, on top of that, because coffee stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, I had also started to feel a really bad burning in my stomach whenever I drank it. Last but not least, coffee left me feeling jittery and wide awake when I was desperate to get sleep at night. After a while of trying to cope with these symptoms, I decided to kick my coffee habit to the curb. I was skeptical that I’d be able to find a replacement that gave me as much energy as coffee did, but low and behold, I quickly discovered five amazing alternatives that left me feeling just as energized but without the uncomfortable side effects that coffee was giving me. Below are five alternatives that I have been using for the past few years in place of coffee that are perfect for busy boss babes.

1. Mushroom Coffee

Don’t freak out. When I heard about this I was highly skeptical - who wants to taste mushrooms in their coffee, right? Wrong, actually! Despite my concern that this alternative would taste super bizarre, as soon as I tried it I was pleasantly surprised - and then hooked. So, what is mushroom coffee and how does it work? Good question. To simplify the complicated science behind it, mushrooms contain probiotics that contribute to the production of healthy bacteria in the gut. In layman’s terms: drinking mushroom coffee not only keeps you free from the high amount of acidity that coffee contains, but it also helps your stomach work better! Plus, just one cup of mushroom coffee contains much less caffeine than regular coffee, which means that you won’t be lying in bed staring at the wall at 11 PM if you have trouble sleeping. The good thing is, though, that if you do need that extra kick that regular coffee gives you, you can always double your dose! While one cup of mushroom coffee only has 50 milligrams of caffeine, regular brewed coffee has about 100 mg. And, my favorite part about mushroom coffee is that it actually helps with stress management. Functional mushrooms support our adrenal glands which helps us fight stress. Oh and most importantly - it tastes good, I promise. 

2. Matcha

You guys know I LIVE for a matcha latte. This delicious, energizing, Instagram worthy drink has given coffee a run for its money. If you haven't at least heard of it by now, I am worried you are living under a rock. So, what is so amazing about this drink? Well, aside from being cute and green, its jam packed with antioxidants, and the purest form of green tea available. I promise if you give it a try, you’ll love it. 

3. Kombucha

Yep, you heard that right - kombucha can actually be used as a substitute for coffee. Trust me, I was just as surprised by this at first but it turns out it’s not only a refreshing, super tasty drink but also gives you a boost of energy that will keep you going throughout your busy day. So, how does it work exactly? What it does is flood your stomach with tons of probiotics which in turn help your digestion. This process detoxifies all of the icky buildup in your gut and in turn has you feeling like a super refreshed version of yourself. Kombucha also is made with caffeinated tea leaves and has tons of Vitamin B and other healthy minerals so you’re guaranteed to be getting a big boost of energy when drinking it. 

4. Chai Tea

Oh chai, how I love you! Chai tea is another great option to sub out for coffee and it just so happens to taste really good. It’s made with a type of black tea that contains caffeine so it’ll 100% give you the burst of energy you need. It’s also made with spices and herbs that not only give it its really unique, amazing taste, but also contain tons of health benefits. This is a really good option if you’re having a hard time kicking your coffee habit because it has a solid amount of caffeine in it but won’t hurt your stomach like coffee will. 

5. Green juice

You might not expect a juice to be a good alternative to coffee, but I promise you it is! There are tons of juices out there that can provide you with health benefits, but if you’re specifically looking to swap out your daily cup of coffee with a juice - go for something green. Just like matcha - green juices are cute and fun to takes pics of (guilty of it) but more importantly - most green fruits and veggies like kale, spinach and apple contain tons of natural stimulants that will give you that boost of energy you’re craving. Even better, green juices are going to keep you feeling like the rockstar you are since they contain chlorophyll which purifies the blood and detoxifies the body. 

So, whether you’re looking to totally kick your caffeine addiction to the curb or just cut back on it by a bit, I promise you will not be disappointed by trying one of these five coffee alternatives. I swear by all of them and am guilty of being pretty much addicted to all five. I know how hard it can be to totally cut out coffee from your daily routine, so start slowly and be gentle on yourself! The good news is, once you try one of these drinks, you’ll realize how delicious they really are and how good they make you feel. I promise you’ll be ready to tackle your busy days while also feeling healthy, refreshed and like the boss babe you really are! 

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