HOW I BALANCE MY 2 FAVORITE THINGS: cocktails + kickass workouts

HOW I BALANCE MY 2 FAVORITE THINGS: cocktails + kickass workouts

Why does it seem so hard to find balance between these two things? I often find myself in a battle between having to choose one over the other- wanting to stay committed to my workout routine, and achieve/maintain my fitness goals. But also wanting to have fun, be social, and enjoy those hard earned cocktails when I want to. There is nothing worse than struggling to wake up for your workout with a pounding headache, reaching for a glass of water like you were stranded in the Sahara Desert, am I right? questioning whether those glasses of wine and all the laughs with the girls were worth it. (They were by the way ;))

FINALLY, an awesome solution: Say hello to Hydrodol, an all natural solution that won’t have you stressing about missing your pilates class the next morning. Because balance is key and let’s face it, I’m not willing to give up my skinny spicy margs or my 7:00a.m. pilates sculpt. I tried Hydrodol over The 4th of July, and I’m here to report back on my experience. But first, what is itl?

Hydrodol is an all natural formula made up of a combination of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and antioxidants to support your body so you can feel your best after a boozy brunch or #RoseAllDay with the girls. 


Alright, my 4th of July started with brunch and finished with a day of fun in the sun and day drinking at the beach. Alcohol depletes the body of vital nutrients so I tried out the “before and after” packets intended to counteract these nutritional decifiencies. The before packets supports liver functions, hydrates, and helps to reduce stress levels. The after packet helps to replenish the body of lost nutrients, rehydrate, and recover. Thirty minutes before brunch, I had the before packet mixed with water. And before bed that night, I had the after packet mixed with water.

Bottom line: I woke up for an 8:00a.m. pilates class, and then taught class right after at 9:30a.m. I had no problem waking up, I had plenty of energy, didn’t feel dehydrated, and had zero headache, which is usually my biggest issue after drinking. I’m talking POUNDING headache. So this was how I truly measured the results. 

Overall, I’m a huge fan and glad this product is now sold in the US, yay! It’s definitely coming with me to Europe, because you know I am going to wine and dine like a queen out there. I’m happy to know I can rely on this to keep me going and not spend a moment of my trip feeling like crap. Holler. 

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