How to beat flu season

How to beat flu season

9 Products That Will Help You Beat Flu Season 

It’s time to whip out your favorite sweaters, turn up the heater (maybe not if you live in LA), and bust out your cute booties because Fall has arrived! Although I happen to love fall weather, what I don’t love is catching a cold, or even worse - the…FLU. That’s why I make sure to stock up on my favorite wellness products so I can avoid getting sick at all costs, and in the worst case - fight an oncoming cold. So, without further ado, I’m going to share with you guys my nine favorite products that help me stay healthy and feeling good during the inevitable flu season. 

  1. Beekeeper’s Naturals Bee Propolis Throat Spray

    This is one of my favorite products on the list! And, I don’t just use this during flu season - I use it year round. Because I teach so many classes, my throat tends to get really dry and hoarse and this is an absolute lifesaver. It’s packed with over 300 vitamins so it gives your immune system that extra boost it needs to either fight a cold or keep one at bay. It’s also really great to keep on hand when you’re traveling for the holidays. It creates a barrier that catches germs before they enter your immune system. If you haven’t tried it already, I promise you’ll fall in love when you do.

  2. Vitamin C & D

    Everyone knows that Vitamin C works wonders when you’re sick, but add some Vitamin D to it and you’ll really be protected against unwanted colds. If you aren’t too familiar with it, you should get to know good old Vitamin D because he happens to be amazing at not only fighting colds, but also diseases. If you don’t want to take actual supplements, you can get Vitamin D from fish and most dairy products and Vitamin C from green vegetables, kiwis and lemon. To make sure I’m getting the correct dosages, though, I definitely like to take supplements each morning.

  3. KOR Wellness Shots

    These are an absolute Godsend! Whether you’re looking to fight a cold, get a boost of energy, or stay hydrated, there is a KOR shot for you. I swear by these and love pretty much any product they make. If you’re looking to fend off a cold, their Potent-C (get it?!) shot is packed with Vitamin C and superfoods that will keep you feeling healthy or get you better in no time. KOR makes six different flavors that will pretty much keep all of your health bases covered.

  4. Gaia Elderberry Syrup

    This is a product that I love to take year round and notice a massive difference when I do! The syrup is totally plant-based and is specifically formulated to strengthen your immune system and get you a super high dose of berries that are packed with anti-oxidants. Oh and if you hate the idea of drinking a syrup, they come in capsule form! woo!

  5. Echinacea Tea

    If you haven’t heard of Echinacea then you’re seriously missing out because it just so happens to be one of the best natural cold-fighters out there. Echinacea is an herb that comes in a ton of different forms, but my favorite is the tea. Echinacea can literally wipe out any type of cold within days and it’s helped me recover so quickly when I’ve been sick. Echinacea works by decreasing inflammation in your body that has been tied to colds and specifically the flu. If you’re in the middle of trying to fight a cold and don’t want to take antibiotics, you have to try this one.

  6. Source Naturals Wellness Formula

    THE HOLY GRAIL. This and echinacea are legit game changers when you’re trying to stay healthy. I keep this on deck year round in case I’m feeling like I’m getting sick because it’s seriously a miracle worker. The formula is packed with tons of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that totally combat even the nastiest of colds. It’s also great for when you’re feeling stressed or physically run down. This is a must try, I promise you.

  7. Natural Hand Sanitizer

    This is a no brainer, especially when you’re traveling. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve gotten sick from being on planes and in airports, so I’m always using hand sanitizer. Because a lot of them are packed with chemicals, make sure to get a natural brand like Dr. Bronner’s or Mrs. Meyer’s. They not only keep germs away but they also smell really good.

  8. Goop Wellness Chews

    If you’re not familiar with Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand Goop, it’s got some pretty cool all natural supplements, makeup and vitamins, but my favorite product of them all happens to be Goop’s Wellness Chews. There’s three different kinds - “Knock Me Out” that promotes restful sleep, “Nerd Alert” that helps with focus, and most importantly, “Perfect Attendance” that helps you feeling healthy and flu-free. The chews come in super cute packaging, taste amazing, and are great to take on the go. The “Perfect Attendance” chews are also packed with elderberry and other vitamins that fight any type of illness.

  9. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

    Last but not least is this bad boy and it’s a good one! Although it comes in different flavors, my favorite is the cinnamon. The positive effects of this one are endless and when you’re trying to keep from getting sick or get rid of a cold, Braggs will be your best friend. In general, apple cider vinegar has a strong, unique taste and smell but if you can get past that, you’ll feel like an absolute rockstar. It’s packed with probiotics and because it’s so acidic, it actually thins out mucous if you’re dealing with a runny nose or scratchy throat. The other cool thing about apple cider vinegar is that you can use it in a ton of different forms. If you’re using it to fight a cold, I like to add some honey or even gargle with it. This stuff works so well it can even be used to fight a high fever.

Although I’m not a doctor, I’ve had my fair share of brutal flu seasons and have learned what products work for me. Obviously if you’re super sick, please go see a doctor! However, if you’re looking to head into flu season armed and ready to fend off any nasty germs out there, you can’t go wrong with any of the products I listed above.


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