1. LIFE IS_____. By: Judah Smith: I have honest.y read this book around 5 tines. Whether you are a Christian or not, this book always helps to center me, no matter what i’m going through in life. This book reminds us about what is important, how our lives were truly meant to be lived out here on Earth. This book allows me to eliminate the noise and chaos of life that we so often get wrapped up on, and brings me back to how beautiful life is, and reminds me to live from a place of gratitude. It is empathetic and compassionate, and will leave you feeling lighter, happier, and full of Gods love.

  2. Loving Tan: GUYS, I want to type every word about this product in ALL CAPS, because it is THAT GOOD. I was an avid St. Tropez self tanner user for years, I swore by it. This product changed the game. My girflriend Katie let me use it one day for a photoshoot, and my life has never been the same. Do I sound dramatic? I hope so, that is the effect I am going for. The bit applicator is velvet, for starters. AKA: the most luxurious and even all over appellation. It doest crinkle and fall apart like the foam mitts. And the color, I mean WOW. Brown, not orange, not green, BROWN. In 2 short hours you will be looking like a Bahama Mamma.

    3. Kopari Deodorant: I think at this point it is safe to assume we are all at least somewhat familiar with the cancerous ingredients found in most deodorants. Finding a non toxic deodorant that actually does the job, an smells good, is tough. Enter, Kopari. This coconut oil based deodorant is not only clean, eliminates odors from sweat, smells good, but is also super nourishing for your under arms. Leaves mine feeling baby smooth.

    4. TARTE Shape Tape: Cue the angels singing, because God gave us the worlds greatest concealer. I have been using this concealer for 2 years, and I don’t see myself ever stopping. This concealer accomplishes everything you could imagine, full coverage, not cakey, doest flake, crease, or smear, or budge, and is super hydrating for the under eyes. Not even your latest night out is a match for this.

    5. NOHO Candle Co. Black Sea: Frank and I discovered this candle company at a Vegan Food and Wine Festival, so random, I know. We have honestly ordered them in bulk since then. It is both of our FAVORITE scent. I wish you could smell it through the computer screen. We cannot get enough of our entire house smelling like this. All of their candles are 100% vegan, and I love that we are supporting local business owners by purchasing them. Black Sea smells like black plum, citrus, amber, and musk. It is heavenly.

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