Hey babes!

Welcome to the first of a new weekly series I am bringing to you guys, called FRIDAY FIVE. Every Friday, I am going to share with you guys 5 of my favorites, whether it be a product, service, book, food, restaurant, etc. I would love to hear your guys feedback on if you like this series or not, so please be sure to comment and let me know! Okay, here you have it, this weeks FRIDAY FIVE.


  1. YSL LIBRE- Literally, the perfect scent for fall. This can really be worn daytime or nighttime. Think warm florals, with a slight lavender essence. A++

  2. ELEMIS PEPTIDE4 PLUMPING PILLOW FACIAL- This sleep mask is going to be your new superstar in your fall skincare regimen. HELLO HYDRATION,. I honestly have the world’s driest skin, I could go to sleep with a gallon of coconut oil on my face and wake up with dry skin,. This is the only mask i’ve EVER found that truly hydrates me,. Even after an 8 hour sleep, I still wake up glow. Worth every penny.

  3. Nacho Scrunchies- GUYS, sustainable scrunchies! Yes, you read that right. Scrunchies made from completely sustainable material. Also, female owned and operated by my badass and gorgeous friend, Madison Parker. Get you hands on these ASAP.

  4. Nut Milk Bag- I get SO many DM’s every week asking how I make my celery juice without a juicer. Well, THIS IS IT. And they are legit less than $10 on Amazon, best purchase ever. Simply cut your celery, blend it, and pour the puree into a nut milk bag to staring it. Voila! Celery juice in less than 5 minutes.

  5. Handheld Milk Frother- You literally NEED one of these, don’t walk, run to amazon and order this ASAP. The latte of your dreams is at your fingertips, I literally use this every day of my life, matcha lattes, mushroom coffee lattes, my collagen water and magnesium powder at night before bed, I am basically constantly using this thing. Also like $10 on Amazon, you’re welcome.

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